Causes of hair loss and symptoms

Causes of hair loss and Symptoms

Causes of hair loss and Symptoms – hair loss or alopecia of the scalp and can affect the whole body. Hair loss can be due to hereditary factors, drugs or because the underlying medical condition. Anyone good men, women and kids can experience the problem of hair loss.
Kebotakaan usually refers to excessive hair loss. Some people choose to be Stoic and let hair loss by itself, while the other may seek oran covered it with a hair style, makeup, hats, etc.

There is also a select overcome hair loss by way of pengobaan and also the mengatsi surgery for hair loss, including which?

Before attempting various means of overcoming hair loss, we recommend that you first consul to the doctor to find the cause and how to cure or the best for your hair type, so. ..

The Symptoms Of Hair Loss

Hair loss can happen happens because of various reasons, depending on the problem that caused the onset of hair loss. Hair loss can happen suddenly or gradually. Some type of hair loss is only temporary nature only and the other is usually fixed. Signs and symptoms of hair loss may include:

  • Thin out gradually
This is the type of symptoms the most common, can occur in men and women. In men, the hair is often a gradual loss of forehead, so forming a line that resembles the letter m. on women usually hairline forehead survived but suffered patchy loss of hair in sections.

  • Bald spots uneven
Some people experience bald spots with a size of about 2.6 cm. Symptoms of hair loss is usually not only such terjdai on the head but sometimes occur in jengot and eyebrows. In some cases, the skin feels itchy before hair loss.

  • Hair suddenly loosens
Physical or emotional shock can cause hair so slack. A handful of hair can be washed type combing or shampooing and even just by pulling the hair only, this is an effect of the hair loose. These types of symptoms could lead to thinning hair.

  • Hair loss all over the body
Some conditions and medical treatments such as chemotherapy can cause rontoknya of the hair all over the body, but usually the hair will grow again after the treatment is over.

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Causes Of Hair Loss

Most people typically lose 50 to 100 strands of hair every day, it still includes a normal loss. With the berambahnya age, the hair will tend to thin out gradually. Causes of hair loss can occur due to hormonal factors, medical conditions and medications.

  • Hormonal Factors
The cause of the most common hair keromtokan is a descendant of kebotakaan, which can be experienced by both men and women. In people who are genetically susceptible, certain sex hormones can trigger permanent hair keromntokan pattern.

Changes and hormonal imbalances can also be penyabab of hair loss. Such a case could occur because of pregnancy, childbirth, the discontinuation of taking birth control pills or menopouse.

  • Medical Condition
There are a variety of medical conditions that can cause hair loss, such as:
  1. Thyroid problems – thyroid gland help regulate hormones in the body, if they can not working properly, can cause hair loss.
  2. Alopecia areata – this disease occurs when the immune system attacks the body hair follicles causing the hair loss.
  3. Infections of the scalp. Infection, such as ringworm, it can invade the hair and scalp, which causes hair loss. Once the infection is treated, the hair will usually grow back.
  4. Skin Disorders. The disease can cause scarring, such as lichen planus and lupus, several types can cause permanent hair loss at the scar.

  • Drug
Hair loss can be caused by drugs used to treat: cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems, high blood pressure

  • Other causes
Hair loss can also occur due to:
  1. Physical or emotional shock – many people who experience hair thinning after a shocking incident that physically or emotionally, seperri such as sudden weight loss or increased, high fever and death of family members.
  2. Hair style. Hair loss can occur if the hair is pulled too tight in hair styles such as pigtails or cornrow.
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