4 Reasons Marriage Counseling Is Worth A Try

Constantly focussing on your marital problems and not getting anywhere with your partner? Statistically speaking, 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce. One reason for this is that struggling couples become frustrated, hopeless and give up after failing time and time again in trying to resolve their issues on their own.  Couples can more easily work out their differences however if they seek professional help.
4 Reasons Marriage Counseling Is Worth A Try

While filing for divorce may seem like the only choice for some, others might want to find an alternative and work on reconciliation for the betterment of themselves and, if there are children, for them as well.  If you're undecided, read on for some insight into reasons to opt for marriage counseling.

You Get To Know About Your Relationship In Detail

When relationships get stale and you feel like you're just roommates, reaching out to a marriage therapist is a good idea. A marriage counselor begins with a simple set of questions about you and your relationship in an effort to get you to open up and explore the issues going on in your relationship in detail.

Bad days and failed communications can result in couples giving up but a skilled therapist can get you to confront reality and, eventually, help you understand problematic communication patterns and resolve them.

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You Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts

When communication between a couple deteriorates, it paves the way for depression as the repeated failures result in hopelessness and negative thoughts. Lack of communication may end up with either or both parties feeling disregarded, insecure, and, in the worst cases, abusive.

Marriage therapy is designed to help you understand the negativity in a new more positive light and fix your marital problems before they lead to marital fatigue and, in the worst case, divorce. However, marriage counselors can help you more easily when you consult them in time and as early as possible.

Your Emotions Are The Priority

Effective marriage therapy is usually emotionally-focused. EFT, Emotionally Focused Therapy, helps a couple understand themselves and each other more clearly by focusing on the emotional content of a communication. It allows them to recognize how they react to certain things on an emotional level, whether those emotions are manifested in behavior or thoughts.

To bring couples back from the edge, the therapist will work on reconciliation by having each partner better communicate their emotions and thus develop a more effective interaction cycle. EFT has helped numerous couples get over marital stress and significantly improve their relationships.

You Spend A Bit And Get A Lot!

As a matter of fact, marriage therapy is quite accessible and affordable, usually being covered by your health insurance, with the only charge being a small copay.  When compared to divorce and the overwhelming emotional distress and financial consequences that may ensue, marital therapy is certainly a reasonable alternative.

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So, don't give up just yet.  For a relatively small investment you can reap the huge benefits of improving your ability to communicate and have a happy and healthy relationship.

Based in Honolulu? Don't worry! There are couples therapists here who are willing to help you with your marriage/relationship. Just go online to find therapists in your area.
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