9 Healthy Things To Eat For Lunch!


If you want to find healthy things to eat for lunch, then you are on the right path to living healthier. Too many people focus on what workouts to do or what programs are the best for them but the most important thing is to focus on what you can do in the kitchen.
Your nutrition is very important and so you can't overlook just how important your meals are. Healthy breakfast foods are very easy to determine because they are talked about often but it is lunch where people have trouble.

Here are 9 healthy things to eat for lunch once you start to take your health seriously.


Broccoli is loaded with a crazy amount of nutrients and antioxidants that you won't find with other vegetables. This is a staple in anyone's healthy lunch menu and should be a part of your next meal, especially since many studies show broccoli can help prevent breast cancer. You can cook broccoli in a variety of ways and you will be surprised with how good it can taste.

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This is a very popular super food and continues to be one of the best fat burning foods out there. Per calorie, spinach has more protein than red meat with the added benefit of zero fat. Eat spinach every day and your body will thank you. When it comes to healthy things to eat for lunch, this is definitely one that you can't miss out on.


A handful of almonds may not seem like much but it comes with a lot of nutrients that you may have thought to be bad in the past. You will get a good amount of protein and healthy fats that are needed to really help burn more fat in the future.


Blueberries and strawberries are very healthy because they have an incredible amount of antioxidants. Though berries on their own may not seem like a lunch, it can be an afternoon snack that will leave you feeling happier. Buy organic if you can, as conventionally grown berries have a lot of toxic pesticides.


Omelettes are great lunch foods and you can get very creative with them. Look to make your own creations and it will most likely still end up being quite healthy. Choose eggs from free-range chickens, as studies have shown them to have many nutritional benefits over conventional eggs.


This is a wonderful snack that's very healthy and will keep you feeling full. When you want to have a light lunch but still want to feel full, then this is the snack to have.

Protein Shake

What better way to substitute a lunch with a tasty protein shake. These shakes have improved greatly when it comes to flavor and so you should be very happy. Your best choice is to avoid whey or soy-based protein and opt for a plant-based protein shake, such as hemp, pea, quinoa or spirilina.

Caesar Salad

This is a very common healthy food for lunch or dinner and it still is one of the best. The greens are very healthy and will keep you full for a longer period of time. However, avoid the cheese and calorie dense dressings that are usually traps for dieters.


This may seem like a "bad option" because of the rice but it is actually healthy if you make it on your own and use brown or black rice instead of white. You should avoid the extra sauces that often come with sushi.

These are nine healthy things to eat for lunch and they are very affordable and you can have them right away. This list is certainly not the only list that you should follow but it will give you a good guideline of what you can be eating in the middle of the day.

Give these healthy things to eat for lunch a chance and you will certainly start to live healthier and more energetic.
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