3 Things To Consider Prior To Claiming Insurance For Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is one of the most widespread causes individuals make claims on their residential insurance. Bursting of pipes, leaky appliances as well as flooded basements are only a little number of the ways you can find out precisely the things which are covered as well as not covered by your home insurance policy.
3 Things To Consider Prior To Claiming Insurance For Water Damage Restoration

In many ways water damage and homeowners policies can be an explosive issue when it comes to claiming insurance.
Usually, the damage caused by water will get covered. However, the reason which caused the harm will not get covered. For example, an insurer might reimburse to change a carpet spoiled by the dishwasher drip, but will not reimburse or repair the leaking dishwasher pipe. But if an unexpected, sudden problem likes a frozen pipe or hose leads to water damage, some insurance companies do cover both repair of the broken pipe and maintenance of your home and equipments.

Other water damage reasons covered by Insurance:

#1. Many insurance companies reimburse for water damage caused due to bursting of pipes but many of them may deny your claim if the house is left unattended and without heat. Considering this to be the case, your claim can be unapproved since you have not been able to perform the essential prevention that would have avoided the mishap.

#2. In case, the water damage is caused due to the leakage of water from the backyard pool, tarnishing the manicured lawn and water logging the basement. Most of the insurance companies will compensate for the destruction caused to the basement and the personal property as well. However, the insurance company will not cover the damage done to the lawn.

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There is a different policy for lawns. The insurance coverage for lawns depends on a "named perils" basis. This means the insurance company only repays for damages that have arisen from particular events.

However, among the named perils swimming pool leakage is not taken into consideration. The sum of coverage for lawns and plants is very little, if not lesser than but also not greater than $500. In other cases if you are the owner of an award-wining orchid which is worth more than $500, then certainly you may want to have a word with the insurance company regarding special coverage.

Again the compensation regarding the damage done to your pool will entirely rely on the root cause of the leak. For example, a leak that is caused by a tree falling on the pool can be covered but a leak that was caused because the water in the pool got frozen will not get compensated. Reading the insurance policy of your insurance company regarding reimbursement details and clarifying things with the agent of your company will give you a clear idea.

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 #3. There is a heavy rainstorm and water leaks through the roof. The roof is broken and the damage is caused to the furniture as well.

Then what? In this case does the insurance get covered? Well, to some extent it does. Although you might not be repaid for the roof repairs, since that is a house-maintenance problem, the water damage done to your home is, however, compensated.
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