This is the Destination of Healthy Holidays in the US

Healthy Vacation Destinations in the US

It's no secret that a growing quantity of the population are obese. Actually, ask any European the things they think of Americans, and the answer you'll most likely get is an picture of a fat tourist waddling around, hat on backwards and camera at hand.

This is the Destination of Healthy Holidays in the US

We here at the Vacationer's Journal state that just because you go on vacation, doesn't mean you have to come home with added pounds. As a result, we've compiled a list of our favorite healthy vacation places inside the country.

Hilton Head Health Spa, SC

Hilton Head is much better known for its timeshare accommodations than anything closely associated with health and fitness. However, the Hilton Head Spa in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, is a exception.

H3, as it is known, takes pride in calling itself "America's top healthy way of life destination". And it's for a good reason: the resort provides a practical approach to fitness and nutrition. It combines diet programs that vacationers actually enjoy, rather than strict health regimens that seem like they were taken from Auschwitz.

In addition to professionally designed but enjoyable health activities, the place itself sits in prime beachfront property in Hilton Head Island. The sand is hard-packed, making ideal for other fitness pursuits like biking. After a hard morning sweating it, jump into the refreshing blue waters for cooling off.

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Tybee Island, GA

Roughly 20 miles east of Savannah, Georgia lies the sparkling three-mile stretch of beach in Tybee Island.

The shore recently won the title of "America's Healthiest Beach" from the one and only Health Magazine. The beach was selected due to the health-conscious seaside community on the island, which promotes biking and skating because the local form of transportation.

As a result, there are plenty of bike rentals for everyone, with the area's paved walkways a heaven for bikers and skaters.

Opt to rent a local bike or even a tandem-seater for everyone the island, or strap on some rollers and hold each other's hand while you cruise by the beach. Then directly to the island's health-themed restaurants, offering a low-calorie yet mouth-watering variety of seafood and greens like fish tacos and salads, making a 500 calorie diet possible.

Madison, WI

The charming capital of Wisconsin was recently voted among the healthiest places in America inside a joint study by Men's Health insurance and Women's Health magazines.

In addition to being the state's capital, Madison can also be known as the Biking Capital from the Southwest. The city boasts over 100 miles of lush but well-maintained biking and trails, both in and around the city.

Even inside the city center itself, there are many parks and man-made lakes, that allows canoeing and even kayaking inside the urban landscape. In addition, Madison's many public parks are equipped for skateboarding and roller-blading.
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