Cathay Dupont Health Complaint Towards Japan's Award Winning Working Industry

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Cathay Dupont Health Complaint Towards Japan's Award Winning Working Industry

The working class in Japan is different from other nations because they put a high value in their work. Both blue collar and white collar employees are often described as hard-working people.
The majority of the people working for desk jobs and even manpower in Japan dislike being late. Respect and value for time have been a part of the culture. The public transportation such as trains and buses also try to stick to their schedule to prevent people from being late for work and school.

The Japanese employees are described as one of the hardest-working employees in the world. Hard work isn't a negative trait but it may be damaging if it's too much. Workers in the country thrive for excellence and perfection. Due to hard work, some people literally work themselves to death.

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Hardworking employees

Workers voice out their health complaint. It isn't a fraud excuse to abandon their work. Sleep deprivation is one of the common problems because of being overworked. According to consulting firms and recruitment offices, employees render at least 80 hours of work each week. Tight deadlines and complicated job responsibilities make the employees overdo it.

However, it is not a taboo in some companies in the country to let their workers sleep on the job. Employees are allowed to snooze since they work over time to finish their tasks. Both sleeping and overworking are viewed as negative practice for companies overseas. But in Japan, companies tolerate the practice of "sleeping while working" since it is a good way to boost their employees' productivity.

Sleeping at work is prohibited in some other countries. Busy companies in Tokyo allow their workforce to snooze during work hours. Most employees also tend to multitask. Doing various activities consecutively or at the same time can be tiresome.

A lot of employees and students use the public transportation. You can also see many people taking a nap during the commute. Sleeping while on commute connotes hard work. It is evident since a lot of people are usually exhausted and stressed after a long day's work.

Lack of sleep and other health complaint

One of the unhealthy habits of most workers is sleep deprivation. Due to overworking, workers also tend to forget to eat on time. Workers put great effort and value to their job. However, they sometimes forget how to take it easy.

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The government and Ministry of Health review the situation because of reported deaths. They released a warning to ease the national health crisis. They advised the workers to lessen the stress and do not overwork themselves. Too much can lead to fatigue. The government has also blacklist more than 300 companies for breaching labor laws. Long work hours are blamed for "karoshi" which means death from overwork.
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